Educational Presentations

Julia’s team offers demos and school presentations on Mushing.

All programs are customized to your age group, group size, and lesson material. If there is anything in particular the students are interested or are learning about we can cover it in more detail.

Here are some of the topics that are discussed:

  • What makes a team?10428445_575849889186194_893126182854685118_n (2)
  • The different personalities in a team
  • Teamwork
  • Positions in a team
  • Equipment- sled and lines
  • Training a dog team and racing a dog team
  • Check points in a dogsled race
  • Hands on interaction with equipment
  • How to harness a dog demo
  • Question and answer session

At the end of the presentation there is a time to pet and visit with the dogs. Depending on class reading material and focus of study, the presentation can be geared to different themes. If weather is nice the presentation is outside next to the truck with the dogs and equipment.


Newspaper articles we have been featured in for our school visits:

News Times, Bethel CT Printed Copy March 2016

New Britain Herold,